I’ve got four things to share with you:

First, I bought the coolest easel picture frame at T.J. Maxx today with room for five 8×10 photographs. In a surprising degree of promptness, I have already printed photos from Bouchon, the ultra-fab restaurant where the speaker dinner that I attended at the Type-A Mom conference was held; framed them; and set it up in my dining room.

Although I cleaned the glass, it’s obvious from these pictures that the frame needs a once-over with some furniture polish. I can’t wait to see how surprised my bunch is when they see it in the morning!

Just ignore how blurry this first one is. I was standing on a chair after midnight taking it. Enough said?




earl-grey-tea-cookies_300Second, I discovered the most fascinating cookie recipe in the Real Simple cookie email newsletter: Earl Grey Tea Cookies. The cookie recipe contains not only one cup of butter (that’s two sticks), but the pulverized tea leaves from six bags of Earl Grey tea, one of my favorites. Anything with two sticks of butter has to be divine, right? I can’t wait to try these.

Third, my six-year-old daughter joined the church last weekend and will be baptized on Sunday. Our church sold our building and is in the process of building a new one; in the meantime, we are meeting at an interim facility. We don’t have a baptistry, however we do have a family at church with a pool and hot tub. How many people can say they were baptized in a hot tub? My daughter will be the first that I know. She is so excited!

Last but not least, I’ve got an A B See Photomeme post up at The Homeschool Post. Stop by and link up a picture post of your own; it doesn’t matter what letter you’re on, it’s just fun to play.

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