AdoramaPix is one of my awesome Photoshop World sponsors. You can order prints and greeting cards, plus store and share your photos online on their website. Today, however, we’re going to focus on their newest product, the hardcover photo book. You can read this post for all kinds of technical specs, like the fact that these photo books are one of the only ones available that are printed on REAL photo paper.

There are so many topics for photo books: family vacation, photo walk, graduation, wedding, portfolio; the possibilities are endless. I’m going to share the process of creating a family “Brag Book” to keep in my purse and wow everyone with my large, lovely family at Type-A Mom and Photoshop World. Y’all want to see my family, don’t you?

First, you enter some basic information like the book title; size (I chose a small 4″ x 6″ book); number of pages (there were “slim” and “large” options); and design. I chose a theme called “Portrait.” The price is only $12.88 for a 26 double-sided page book.


Look at all the different ways you can import your photos: AdoramaPix online gallery; upload from your computer; Flickr; and Picasa.


I uploaded from my computer, since I tend to watermark the images that I upload to Flickr for my blog. You can select a batch of photos and the AdoramaPix site will upload them one at a time until it’s finished.


Once I’ve uploaded my photos, I moved along to the next step: creating the book. Just drag and drop your images onto the pages, like this:


If your image needs resized within the space, just click the pic, choose “Crop,” and move the slider until you get the size you want:


Look at the layout: uploaded photos on left, and the ability to scroll and select any page within the album from the bottom. There are all kinds of goodies listed in tabs under those uploaded pictures, including backgrounds, frames, text boxes, and “stickers”—an assortment of over 1800 graphics and images that can be used to decorate your pages, sort of like digital scrapbooking.


Once you’ve created a photo book, it’s always available to reorder when you go to AdoramaPix and click the Photo Book tab. Ours turned out so nice and affordable that my husband and I decided to order more for Christmas gifts for family.

Want to make an AdoramaPix photo book? Click here to get started. What kind of book would you make?

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