Three nights ago my husband gave me permission to make a very significant purchase: the camera of my dreams. Don’t get me wrong, my Nikon D80 is a gem and a treasure and sort of like my ninth child. But if I’m going to really do this, this thing outside of my comfort zone—(start a photography business; there, I said it)—I need to upgrade to a professional camera. At least I believe I do, understanding that I place part of my value in the quality of the tools in my camera bag.

The new camera sat in my shopping cart for at least two weeks, but when I actually went to make the purchase, the price had increased. NO! I had another one combined with a new lens in a shopping cart on a different site, and the price of that combo increased some time between Wednesday night and last night. These weren’t insignificant increases, either. Honestly, I was almost in tears.

Finally I located the camera, body only, for the price from my original shopping cart (word to the wise: don’t fall for “too good to be true” prices from dealers that aren’t reputable; check The “Proceed to Checkout” button was quickly clicked before that deal could go “poof!” in a cloud of smoke.

The toughest part is lens compatibility. Two of my lenses will work with the new camera, two won’t. Unfortunately, it’s the multi-purpose, versatile lenses that are the problem. Thankfully I have a buyer for my current camera.

At this point something like “nervously excited” or “apprehensively optimistic” is the best way to describe my emotions. My husband made it clear in the kindest possible way that this does not need to be about me taking better pictures of our kids; it’s a business investment. I’m signed up for a two-day Business of Photography class later this month, so that’s a start.

I feel the most peace about this when I focus on the fact that it’s not just about what I can or can’t do, but what HE can do through me.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. ~ Philippians 4:13

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