We’re in the middle of a big room makeover for two of my boys sponsored by Walmart and their line of Your Zone furniture and accessories. My guys are dying of anticipation. Seriously, if ever a room needed a makeover, this is it.

I’ve got a full day of painting ahead of me, but just had to share this photo. My 7-year-old son says it’s “brighter than an alien.” Surely that’s on some sort of official paint scale chart: bright, brighter, brighter than an alien.

I’m afraid my boys won’t sleep at night, but they love it! My husband seems a tad concerned that I’ll to want to use it for our bedroom, too, since apple green is my favorite color.

From the reviews I’ve read online, Walmart paint is top-notch. This color is Sour Apple from their ColorPlace line.

Stay tuned because I’m going to be doing a big giveaway once the room makeover is completed—woo hoo!

[If you don’t recognize the post title, you’re surely much younger than I am. I can see Corey Hart in those shades even now.]

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