I already wrote my She Speaks recap, right? I was overwhelmed with the feeling this morning that I just shared the “shallow,” “listen to what I did” version of the story and not the way this conference speaks to my heart.

My first post had the following picture, but without an explanation. When the blogging session speakers checked in at registration on Thursday night, we each had a beautiful crystal box tied with ribbon and full of small slips of paper. Those notes contained Bible verses where the word “you” had been replaced with our name.


At time to leave my room for the conference opening on Friday, I was nervous. After that would be supper, and then the first session I would lead. Opening the box, I read a verse that touched me and brought tears to my eyes. I placed a second slip of paper from the box in my pocket, knowing that it should be read immediately before my talk later that night.

It’s difficult to describe the feeling that came over me during the opening session at She Speaks. As wonderful as Lysa’s opening words or the wonderful singing by Cheri Keaggy were, it had nothing to do with them. It was the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit in that room. I felt as if my soul were laid bare.

Later when the time came to open the scrap of paper in my pocket, the words “Dawn, I will supply all your needs…” touched my heart. I didn’t realize how prophetic they were until it became apparent how great my needs would be: dealing with the technical issues to be able to show my slide show, and then being able to regroup and refocus for the presentation itself. But supplied, they were.

She Speaks is a conference like none other I have attended. The atmosphere encourages fellowship, and I bonded deeply with my sisters in Christ there. That feeling of opening yourself up to whatever God has intended for you is not always a comfortable one; as a matter of fact it’s quite unsettling.

I left feeling both nudged in new directions and with renewed purpose here. I’ll keep attending She Speaks for as long as I’m able, and I look forward to seeing how the conference evolves with time.

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