I am incredibly excited to announce that I have my first two Photoshop World sponsors, AdoramaPix and Red River Paper! I have now booked a room and am checking out airline prices; I couldn’t be more excited. Thanks to their generosity, Photoshop World will be a reality for me.

Let me introduce them to you:


AdoramaPix has been providing print services to professional photographers across the country for over ten years. You can order prints and greeting cards, plus store and share your photos online on their website. Their newest product, the hardcover photobook, carries on the tradition of high quality products and service at the best prices. Here’s a little more about this awesome product:

  1. AdoramaPix produces one of the ONLY photobooks available that are printed on REAL photo paper, Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper. This paper is fully archival (lasts 100 years in normal home display) and of course since it’s photo paper the colors are more vibrant and the details more intense. There is NO comparison to press printing!
  2. Color profiles are available for the paper so if your monitor is calibrated, the color you see is the color you get, first book, 20th book, 100th book. Virtually no variations in color like some of their competitors. Also, if a customer chooses, they can do color correction at no extra charge, something other labs charge extra for.
  3. The books lay COMPETELY flat. There is no seam, ditch, hinges or any other loss of image due to the binding. This means if you are a wedding photog for example, you can do a double page spread of the entire bridal party with the bride and groom at the center! Whee! (I ordered a photobook from AdoramaPix and was fascinated by the fact that it came from the printer laying completely flat and open.)
  4. Custom covers are FREE. (I have a family photo on mine that wraps around the front and back cover.)
  5. LOTS of uses, from photographic portfolios to graphic design portfolios to scrapbooking to a custom story book for your child … one guy even did a proposal in his photobook! The book was a story of the couple’s relationship and the last page was a pic of him on his knee with a ring.
  6. PRICE PRICE PRICE These books are a bargain at the price, especially considering the quality.

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Red River Paper: Inkjet paper from inkjet paper experts

Red River Paper was founded in 1997 and has over 40 years experience in fine papers. We hand pick fine paper from mills around the world and bring them to our plant in Dallas, Texas. From here, we convert the paper to various sheet sizes and rolls, as well as add special features available only from Red River. We offer wholesale direct pricing, and the convenience of over 30 different inkjet papers under one roof. Red River invests the time and money to understand and test the latest inkjet technology from Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark and others. Our customer service reps are well versed in our products and inkjet printing, and can give our customers helpful advice on which Red River papers will suit their needs.

I just received a selection of inkjet paper from Red River Paper specifically intended for use with my printer. I can’t wait to start using them, and I’ll post more about that later. In my experience, the quality and texture of your photo paper is very important. I have bought paper before that didn’t seem to “hold” the ink, and recently I tried some that actually had imperfections on most sheets. With Red River Paper, you know you’re getting a quality product from inkjet paper experts.

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If your company would be interesting in sponsoring me for Photoshop World or the Type A Mom conference, please contact me via the Contact link above (just below my blog header).

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