I’VE GOT A PHOTO ON ADOBE’S WEBSITE! Don’t mean to yell, BUT THIS IS SERIOUSLY EXCITING NEWS! If you go to the Passionate Photographers page in the Lightroom product category, mine is the fourth photo in the slideshow (not that I’ve counted or sat and stared at it for minutes at a time). {The feature has been relocated here, or go to the Lightroom Showcase and click the arrow to the second set of customer success stories.}


I am really excited to be participating in Scott Kelby’s 2nd annual Worldwide Photo Walk on July 18th. Check out this post to see where you can order a cool Photo Walk t-shirt and benefit the Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage in the process. Here’s the one I ordered. Crazy cute, huh? It’s going to be fun walking and shooting with fellow Atlanta bloggers Jennafer at Land of Lovings and Beth at Pages of Our Life!


The blog has been sadly neglected this week while I’ve been working on a large paint project my house. Nothing fancy – just painting the walls in what looks like a creamy milk chocolate. It makes me hungry just looking at it. I’ll post pictures later!

Another change around here is the absence of my BlogHer ads. I’ve enjoyed working with BlogHer, but there are restrictions concerning the value of items you are given to review or use in giveaways (unless you post about these things on separate ad-free pages – not posts – on your site), and my NAPP giveaway violates those rules. I hate to give up the ad revenue, but my allegiance is to NAPP on this one; I want to keep the contest on regular posts on my blog so it will show up on the home page and in my feed.

It’s funny because I think there’s a preconceived notion that mom bloggers are swimming in ad revenue and that’s why we blog. We aren’t, and it isn’t.

What I need to do now is sell my own ads! If you have experience in selling your own ads and have any advice to offer, I’m all ears. If you have a business or service that targets photographers, homeschoolers, mom bloggers, or parents (the audience here is a mix of those), please contact me through the comment form link in the navigation bar just under my blog header.

Stay tuned for the last 3 days of “9 Days of NAPP“!

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