Today was a big day for me. Although I took pictures at a homeschool group function for another friend recently, this was my first real photo shoot with the family of one of my dearest friends. Wednesday night I was a nervous wreck trying to make sure I knew how to work my new light meter and tripod, and how to use my external flash wirelessly. This morning saw me grinning like a Cheshire cat, however, as fear began to dispel and excitement settled in its place.

I take photos of my bunch all the time; if one isn’t good, I can just hit delete and take another. A photo shoot with people who don’t actually live with you is another story: you can’t just do it again tomorrow. Well you can, but it just isn’t likely. Every shot counts, and I see now how that pushes you creatively.

Here’s some of the fun I’ve had working with images from today:


1st shoot #3 (original)

Edit (love this Lensbaby Photoshop tutorial!):

1st shoot #3 (edit)

Original (hard to get a good shot of all four kids at once):

1st shoot #2 (original)

Edit (replace one child with a shot of her from another pic!):

1st shoot #2 (edit)

Original (stick in the little gal’s hand looks like antlers):

1st shoot #1 (original)

Edit (no more antlers, plus a little Lightroom fun):

1st shoot #2 (edit)

At a friend’s recommendation I recently joined There is a quote in an article there called “What Every Aspiring Photog Should Know” by Cheryl of Cheryl Nicolai Photography: “Learn to say ‘I’m a photographer’ out loud with a straight face. If you can’t say it and believe it, you can’t expect anyone else to, either.” I’m still working on that, but becoming more certain every day that I want to.

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