Noah’s Ark from one2believe has been a big hit in our household! Noah and the animals have a nice weight and texture to them, and their appearance and gestures are just so expressive. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean:

Monkeys on the Ark

Isn't he cute?


One of my favorite features is that the set is self-contained. The top of the ark opens, allowing Noah and the animals to be stored inside. My youngest sometimes need help opening and closing it, but that’s good: it shuts securely and doesn’t just pop open, spilling the contents.

My 3-year-old daughter and I have incorporated the set into our morning routine. She’s the first one up with me, and plays with Noah’s Ark while I’m getting ready. As you can see below, this has caused her to develop a somewhat possessive attitude about Noah and his ark.



The set provides a springboard for discussing the flood; Noah, his family, and the animals; and God’s promise never to flood the earth again, gloriously illustrated again with each new rainbow. This fun and sturdy set comes with Noah, 14 animals, and the ark and sells for $29.99.

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