This week I realized that I failed to individually keyword the pictures from our family vacation last summer. They were generically labeled “vacation” and the place we went, but nothing specific. I feel like I’ve just rediscovered 875 photos; none of them have appeared on keyword searches for individual family members before now.

Tagging 875 pictures containing various combinations of our 10-member family is a time consuming process. About half are finished. These images have the power to transport me to what I would easily label my favorite family vacation: our oldest son was with us; my camera was new and every shot was a revelation, a discovery; the weather was mild; the quiet mountain cabin suited us perfectly.

Here I was experimenting with one of my favorite angles for photographing children: looking down. These were taken in a stream in the Smoky Mountain National Forest.

Smoky Mtn. National Forest 2

Smoky Mtn. National Forest

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