It’s time for week seven of the iHeartFaces photo contest! This week’s theme is “Green” and the guest judge is Simon Pollock.

Sometimes you go out with the intention of taking good portraits and there’s hardly a keeper in the bunch. On other days, however, everything you shoot is gold. Those days seem to be the result of an event that is so exciting, so anticipated, that your subjects are bursting with it, and it resonates throughout the series of shots.

My sister’s wedding last year was one of those days. Nearly 900 pictures were taken with my camera, including some of my very favorite shots of family members. My profile picture is a photograph my cousin took of me that day.

This shot was taken of my oldest son shortly before the wedding began. It was a shocker to realize that it should be in the adult category, since he’s nearly 23 years old.


Jacob - iHeartFaces (green)

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