What’s a Poken? Pokens are cute gadgets that help you with social networking in the real world –”Poken is your social business card.” Create a Poken Identity and plug in your personal and social networking information. You choose which of your social network profiles you would like to share with people when you meet them in the real world. I would hang mine from my keyring.

When you meet another Poken user, “high five” (I guess technically there are four little fingers there) your Pokens together and exchange information. All of their contact information and social media links that can be uploaded to your computer later using the built-in USB plug.

Go here to enter to win a Poken for yourself! Contest ends midnight Sunday, March 29.

Why do you need a Poken? Who would you most like to Poken? Leave it in comments!

Visit Got Poken? for more information and to see pictures of these funky little gadgets.


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