wine bottles


Don’t laugh. My daughter fell and busted her lip, so I spent the late afternoon/early evening at emergency care with her; it was my son’s 14th birthday, so I had a movie date with him after I got home. A late bedtime arrived and alas, I had no Project 365. This photo is of the washing machine running in the dark, one of the last things I do before going to bed (run the washer, not take pictures of it).

washer at night


Rainy Day “Blahs”

Rainy Day "Blah"


I mentioned the busted lip. Here’s my sweet baby sleeping, looking so angelic and fragile.



Sometimes when our kids finish one of their school books, we have a celebratory pizza party.

Pizza Party


I grabbed the camera, turned around, and took some shots of the kids so that I wouldn’t post this without a picture from today. I like this one.


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