Time4Learning is an online educational program for preschool through eighth grade. It is comprehensive in the areas of language arts and math, with science and social studies included for most grades. My children have really enjoyed our trial period of Time4Learning because not only are they learning, but having fun doing it. I have actually seen my seven-year-old son stay on the site for hours at a time.

Children work at their own pace and can be placed in different grade levels for different subjects. Each student uses his or her own site login; I really like the fact that they can “see” when typing in their passwords (instead of *****), so my younger students don’t have trouble doing it themselves. Because the program is online and not downloaded on your computer, your student can access their account and work from any computer with internet access. Enhancing your child’s computer skills is a bonus.

Time4Learning teaches using a variety of methods including videos and educational games. The video quality is good and the activities are engaging. Once a lesson is finished, it appears with a check mark and is listed as “completed.” Quizzes are available at the end of most lessons.

While most users are homeschoolers, Time4Learning can also be used to supplement a school program (instead of tutors) or for summer use, and correlates to state standards. They have a money-back guarantee and a two week free trial. There are no contracts, so you can cancel at any time. More information can be found in the Getting Started Guide, Welcome to Homeschooling Guide, and Lesson Demos.

Time4Learning works great for our large family because it enables the kids to do school without my supervision. Multiple children can work at once if  more than one computer is available. Sometimes we set up school “stations” where the kids switch activities every 20 minutes and Time4Learning integrates nicely with that routine. We have really enjoyed our demo period for this program!

[If you have found this review helpful and decide to use Time4Learning, please give them my name–Dawn at https://dawncamp.com (TOS review)– as your referral on the last page of the sign up process. Thank you!]

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