Salem Ridge Press is a publishing company whose goal is to reprint classic children’s books from the 1800s and early 1900s for today’s kids. The stories promote strong moral values and good character; most are historical fiction or adventures.

The company’s founder, Daniel Mills, is the oldest of eight children and a 2003 homeschool graduate. His desire to see old books that he enjoyed as a young teen republished led to the idea to start his own publishing company.

Our family received copies of Glaucia the Greek Slave, Mary Jane–Her Book, and The White Seneca, which three of my children are reading. The reading is sometimes challenging due to the differences in language at the time the stories were written, but I want my kids to be comfortable reading older books. Sometimes unfamiliar words are defined. For instance, in Mary Jane–Her Book, “toilet water” is defined as “perfume” at the bottom of the page where it is written.

My thirteen-year-old son is reading The White Seneca. He liked the way that the story jumped right into the action. I have trouble sometimes getting him “engaged” with a book before losing interest. I think heading straight into the action is key for a boy like this.


The books we received from Salem Ridge are a welcome addition to our home library. Click here for a list of all locations where they can be purchased, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Sign up on their home page to receive their quarterly newsletter and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win a free book!

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