Thanks to my current product review gig with TOS’s Homeschool Crew, packages showing up on our doorstep are becoming the norm. An unexpected arrival was the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Challenge box that I received this week.

Looking at Mr. Clean, you might assume that he’s all brawn and no brains. Let me tell you, though – the man’s got a mind for marketing. The challenge instructions had me laughing out loud!

As you can gather, the box contained a bottle of “Brand X” cleaner, soap scummy tiles, crayons, a marker, a wooden spoon, Mr. Clean’s chili recipe, and two Febreze scented Magic Erasers. Since chili was on the menu for supper tonight (my own recipe), it seemed like the perfect day to complete the challenge.

There was no comparison between which product cleaned those tiles the quickest. The Magic Erasers were much better. When I used Brand X (I could tell that it is in fact a popular spray cleaner), I had to use rubber gloves and be careful not to breathe the fumes or I’d end up with a headache.

Cleaning the markers from the tiles was fairly even between the two products.

I’ve used Magic Erasers on walls for years, saving walls that I’d thought only a coat of fresh paint could salvage. I imagined that I could still see a trace of the crayon, but the other cleaner didn’t do much at all.

I forced myself to make a mess with the chili for testing purposes. By this point I just grabbed the Magic Eraser and ignored Brand X. Who wants to mess with rubber gloves and fumes that make you sick?

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers have been a staple in our household for years, and for good reason. Check out for more info about new Magic Erasers with the scent of Febreze!

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