I have always been a lover of mysteries; Nancy Drew was an early favorite. I spent my childhood peering around corners, hands in the position of a gun, like the spy I dreamed of becoming (I must have made my parents nuts). The Missing Link: FOUND by the mother/daughter team of Christina and Felice Gerwitz is the first book in the Mystery Seekers Series™ from Media Angels, and a great selection for teens who love a good adventure.

Christina, a homeschooled student, began writing the book when she was 14 years old; it was published when she was 16. The primary characters include three teens – two boys and a girl – so I think it would be enjoyed by either sex.

The Christian faith of the main characters, the Murphy family, is displayed in a believable and relevant manner as they tangle with the FBI, alligators, smugglers, and a fossil that is believed to be the missing link.

The Missing Link: FOUND offers more than just an engaging storyline; it is a worldview primer for understanding the Creation Science versus Evolution debate. Full of scientific facts confirming Creationism and exposing fallacies in the evolutionary position, it will help your child defend their faith. It’s important for children to understand both sides of the debate, and this book accomplishes that.

The Missing Link: FOUND can be purchased from Media Angels for $8.99, or the 3-volume Mystery Seekers Series™ for $22. Literature guides are also available for each novel.

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