I entered a photo in the Digital Photography School contest for October. The winner gets a camera, for goodness’ sakes, so pretty please show me some vote lovin’!

This picture is particularly special to me. Scott Kelby left a comment on it when I posted it to my photoblog in August. That comment gave me the courage to contact him and ask about sponsorship ideas for attending Photoshop World in September. Wonderful man that he is, Scott actually sponsored me for the conference itself. Through the generosity of others, I was able to get fully sponsored for hotel, travel, etc. expenses (please check out the sponsors link in my left sidebar). The rest is history–I was able to attend!

Here’s hoping that photo works some magic for me again. (FYI: I think it’s not obvious whether or not your vote is registered until you check the vote numbers.)

Vote for my photo!vote

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