I have a new job as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew! What that means is that I’ll be testing different products and posting my reviews here. While most will be homeschool curriculum, some aren’t, such as the Tales of Glory Nativity Set by one2believe.

When this set arrived at our door, my kids went NUTS! One of the first lessons we had was that Jesus would not want a fight to break out over the nativity set (because that was exactly what was about to happen).

This set is kid-friendly; my kids can play with it and I don’t worry that it will break. There is a small book that tells the story of Jesus’s birth in a short and simple manner, perfect for short attention spans.

At first we were re-boxing each day, until I discovered the kids had cleared a shelf on one of our living room bookcases to give the nativity a more “permanent” spot (pictured below).

You can order the Tales of Glory Nativity Set here. Last year at Christmas I saw their products available at Wal-Mart, and you can also purchase them at Target.

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