I am breathing a deep sigh of relief after wrapping up the second and final online chat that my buddy, Sprittibee (Heather), and I co-hosted at the Heart of the Matter Online Virtual Homeschool Conference. Our Friday morning chat was entitled Blogging for Dummies, and today’s was Surviving the Homeschool Fog: Destressing Yourself.

If you attended the conference and want to access the online web pages we used for our notes, here are the links:

Blogging for Dummies chat notes

Surviving the Homeschool Fog: Destressing Yourself chat notes

After today’s session, Heather and I discussed the fact that we felt like the session on burnout was for us. Having to analyze burnout – its causes and ways to prevent or deal with it – was exactly what I needed before starting another school year.

Thanks to all that attended our sessions! If you missed them and were registered for the conference, audio downloads of each session will be available later this month.

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