[For the record, I was raised (and raise my kids) to believe that “shut up” is the equivalent of a 4-letter word.  Once I chose the above picture, however, the old Mary Chapin Carpenter song (which you can click to listen to at the bottom of the post) came to mind, and the title was born.]

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my husband. He’s been nothing but supportive of my trip to Photoshop World with Tina next week; however, I think he’s getting a little jealous that I keep gushing about all the instructors and how excited I am about the chance to hear them speak, have them autograph my books, meet them, and pick their brains.

Don’t you know that you’re the only one for me, Bun?  In your honor I present (drum roll, please)…

10 Quirky and/or Endearing Things about My Hubby

  1. You keep my blog set as your home page, even if you don’t always read it (as evidenced by your inability to identify the word “purple-itioner“).
  2. Your enduring love for 80s big hair bands (this one is quirky, because it’s not necessarily endearing).
  3. You can fix almost anything.
  4. You do a great Elvis impersonation.
  5. We’re a good match: you know hardware, I know software.
  6. You fell for me when I had braces.
  7. You don’t act like you can’t take care of your own children.
  8. You watch the ridiculous number of period pieces that I order from Netflix, plus you have seen the entire 5-hour A&E Pride and Prejudice miniseries twice with me in the last nine months.  I think this qualifies you for sainthood in the eyes of most men.
  9. You endure my George Strait obsession without complaint.
  10. When you see this post in the morning, you’ll probably call me and ask me out on a date tonight.  How’s Mexican? (you also don’t complain that I always want Mexican or burgers). [OOPS! The kids have their first football game with marching band tonight – rain check!]
  11. Bonus: You never steal my gummy bears.

I do not, however, approve of your plan to “show the kids who the fun parent is” while I’m in Vegas.  It would be wrong for you to tube the hooch without me.  Dead wrong.  Don’t do it!!!

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