Not too long ago I posted a WW on my regular blog that featured a magnolia blossom in it’s final stage: the seed pod, or fruit. More than one commenter mentioned never having seen a magnolia in person, so I thought I would share pictures of this beautiful tree’s flowers that I have taken this summer.

Hopefully I have them in the proper order of their life cycle. The picture of the full blossom and the final picture of the seed pod were taken from a mature magnolia tree; the other pictures were taken of a small (about 6′) tree that we planted this year in our yard.

The bud:

The petals opening:

The full blossom:

The petals begin to turn brown, and then dry up and fall off:

Finally, the seed pod, or fruit:

I’m no magnolia expert, but I’m Southern and I think they’re pretty. This site is a good reference for more information and photos.

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