Today, Friday June 11, is Cow Appreciation Day nationwide at Chick-fi-a. If you dress like a cow you’ll receive free food! Full costume gets you a combo meal; “partial cow look” gets an entree. For easy dressing tips, look here.

We had a mix of Halloween costumes and kids with white shirts covered in post it notes colored with black spots (an idea from the website). I took a black eyeliner pencil and colored noses.

It’s not too late to take your herd today for free food!

cow appreciation day

Somewhere between 11 and 13 (could that be 12?) must be the point where you balk at dressing like a cow for free food, because my 13-year-old son wouldn’t do it, but my 11-year-old daughter did (although she kept rubbing the black off of her nose).

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