Jocelyn asked me yesterday about installing a WordPress plugin for her, which would display gravatars in comments. [What’s a gravatar? Read this.] I have a gravatar because I left a comment recently on Matt’s blog. For you WP users, this is THE Matt – one of the guys who brings us this awesome blogging platform that we know and love. (I’ll refrain from linking to his blog and looking like some sort of WP groupie.) My comment showed up with a generic someone-who-doesn’t-have-a-gravatar symbol, so I set one up for myself.

After installing the gravatar plugin on Jocelyn’s blog, I decided to install it on mine, too. I have had an awesome time looking through the comments on my blog and finding out which commenters have gravatars, too. If you don’t have one, I have assigned this orange thing as the default. If you want to set up a gravatar for yourself, follow this link.

Mine is my alter ego, “Diary Girl.” Diary Girl is me on an impossibly perfect day: flawless skin, hair (look at those highlights and that flip!), makeup. Doesn’t she look well-rested and perky? She’s even wearing her pearl earrings.

I invite you to go have some fun and make a gravatar of your own! You’ll need an 80 x 80px image, which you can upload straight from your computer. I can’t wait to see if any new ones pop up in comments!

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