When my daughter spilled today’s mail across my bed this morning, the first thing that caught my eye was an envelope from Robin (Pensieve). I won one of her contests last week during the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival! Look at my awesome goodies: $10 Starbucks giftcard & Mary Engelbreit surcies.

I confess I spent quite some time rummaging through Robin’s archives searching for a definition of the word “surcee.” I found that there are several ways to spell it and that it’s a very Southern term, which obviously means I needed to learn it, now didn’t I?

If you haven’t visited Pensieve, Robin’s blog is a lot of fun and very interactive. We “met” when we discovered that we share George Clooney as our “celebrity soul mate” (some goofy quiz), but we keep finding additional things we have in common. I can almost guarantee we’ll meet IRL someday. 🙂

Next I saw that I had an envelope from Compassion International with “Message from Your Sponsored Child” printed on the outside! In February I told about Guadalupe, the little girl we’ve recently sponsored. Although I’ve written and sent a picture, this is the first contact we’ve had from her. The letter was actually written by Guadalupe’s (or Lupita, as her mother calls her) mother, since she is only 3-years-old.

I was reading aloud to the kids, but when I got to “For Lupita and for me it was a great joy to know she has a sponsor. It is an answer from God,” I got all choked up and couldn’t continue. How many opportunities do I have to make such an impact on another person’s life? I know that Guadalupe and her family benefit much more from our $32 a month than we would. I also discovered that Guadalupe has a twin brother. I wonder if he has a sponsor?

The most touching thing was the picture drawn on the back of the letter. What a treasure! I love how excited our whole family is about this little girl so many miles away from us.

To find our more about sponsoring a child through Compassion International, click the button in my right sidebar or follow this link.

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