Tonight a new reality TV show premiers on Country Music Television after the CMT Awards. It’s by the folks who do American Idol and it’s called Can You Duet; the goal is to find a hot new country music duo.

My cousin is a makeup artist for the show. I am so proud of her! Because of her inside connection, our family drove to Nashville and attended one of the live shows with a table reserved in our name. We strolled past a sidewalk full of people lined up outside the venue – Nashville’s famous Wild Horse Saloon – and walked right in the door. VIPs for a day!

Rossi, the host, is my cousin’s cousin, but not my cousin (other side of the family). We really enjoyed getting to meet him. He was super sweet, especially to my kids, which is the nicest thing I can say about anyone. He entertained the crowd with a performance of “Great Balls of Fire” while the judges were voting. My kids thought his was the best performance of the evening!

I don’t know if this contestant will become famous, but my girls thought he was pretty great (see the dreamy look in 11-year-old daughter’s eyes – HA!).

Afterwards, our family went backstage and met Naomi Judd, who was one of the judges.

We’ll call this my “just to prove I was there” shot:

Outside after the show:

Can You Duet premiers tonight after the CMT Awards and then can be seen on Friday nights at 8/7 Central Time.

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