Okay, I’m going to clear my conscience right off the bat here: there’s no money involved in this unless you want me to PayPal you a penny. Just let me know.

Last summer, two of my sons and I started working for a vendor at our big state homeschool conferences. The cool thing is that I actually get paid to be at the conference, helping supply book money. The negative thing is that I don’t have a couple of days to leisurely stroll the vendor hall, which I consider one of the great joys in life for a homeschooling mom.

Here’s where I need your help: What are your absolute favorite, can’t-do-without homeschool resources? Any grade is applicable, because I’ve got kids from pre-school to high school. Please don’t send me things that require intensive teacher prep time, because I simply don’t have it. I need to have some clear ideas before I get there, since my shopping time will be so limited.

Sorry about the false advertising on that penny thing.

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