I haven’t posted in over a week, so I’m going to try to cram a lot into one not-too-long post. The most important thing is that my almost 96-year-old Aunt Mayme had a heart attack and went into the hospital on Monday night. For those of you who aren’t my real-life friends and family and don’t know her personally, you can read about Aunt Mayme here, and here, and here. After being taken by ambulance to one hospital, she was life-flighted by helicopter to another.

Aunt Mayme has always been afraid of flying, so there was some concern over how she would react. Know what? She loved it. Her sweet little face glowed as she later told us, “Atlanta is beautiful! I didn’t realize it was half that big.” I would love to give a big thank you to the paramedics on that helicopter, who obviously made an effort to elevate her and show her the city. Just before the flight one of them said, “We’ll take good care of her. We can tell she’s very precious to you.”

excellentblog.jpg I would like to thank Sprittibee and Amanda for giving me the Excellent Blog award. Y’all are so sweet and I’m happy to have gotten to know you through the Homeschool Blog Awards.mathetesaward.jpg Renee is going to have a good laugh that it took me four months to post this, but I would like to thank her for the Mathetes Award. Just because I’m late doesn’t mean I appreciate it any less.


I want to thank my swap sis Sprittibee for the awesome goodies from the January HSBA swap. She and I were both late sending our gifts, but I think we received them on the same day. I got some Texas fossils, Post Its, scrapbooking stickers, a pen and clicker pencil of my own (I keep having to hunt them down from kids who’ve stolen them), a cute little red puffball guy (not in picture – immediately stolen by 6-year-old son), and a paper cutter that punches out an image of two bare feet. How cool is that? Thanks, sis!

After spending Monday night and all day Tuesday at the hospital, I didn’t even realize it was Wednesday until the day was half over; alas, no Wordless Wednesday for this week. I will share this photo of my super cool daddy serenading us, though:


Thursday I bought my youngest girls a book and CD of Puff the Magic Dragon. My daddy always sang that song, and I told the girls about it. Lily keeps saying, “I love Poppy’s music!”

nikon.JPG Last but not least, my sweet husband gave me permission to order a new camera. I’ve been itching to upgrade to a digital SLR, and actually earned the money myself from a recent website I built. I’m still trying to convince my husband what a wonderful purchase this will be. I told him last night that I would take lots of great pictures of him. He told me to just be sure and use the Photoshop Clooney brush on them. I told him I don’t have that one in my palette, but he’s assured me it’s next to the Pitt brush. We’ll see. I think he’s quite handsome just the way he is.  Thanks, honey!

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