I am breaking in a new computer – transferring, uploading, downloading, installing, you name it – and I’m trying to get all of my Photoshop presets back again. Tonight I’ve been recording actions for black and white, vintage, and sepia photo conversions, and I thought some of you might benefit from these links. Photoshop actions enable you to “record” a series of steps that you can playback later at the click of a button. Here are links to tutorials for creating some of my favorite Photoshop actions. The most important thing I can tell you (and it seems to be missing from many tutorials) is to always begin the recording of your action by choosing “Image > duplicate” so that you edit a copy and not your original image.

I like having these actions because I prefer to photograph in color and then convert to black and white or sepia. It’s a lot easier to remove color later than to add it. Here is the picture I used, a recent shot of my three oldest boys:


Cute, huh? With the benefit of sports photographer Dave Black’s black and white conversion, which “replicates a historical Black and White look and feel to an image,” I get this:


Next are a pair of sepia actions from photoshopsupport.com. The first uses the Photoshop sepia tone filter:


And here is a sepia effect created by converting to grayscale and applying a duotone:


Last but not least, here’s a vintage photo effect:


I love Photoshop actions because once recorded (you can also download them at places like Adobe Exchange), you can do so much with photos with only a click of a button. Enjoy!

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