Go here to listen to three minutes and twenty-nine seconds of Christmas cheer!

The old version of The Little Drummer Boy always gets to me. I remember how my mother sang it, rolling the “r” in “rum pum pum pum.” I heard Snoopy vs. The Red Baron on the radio the other day and it made me think of how much my cousin and I loved it as children. My favorite Christmas CDs in our collection are the two by Harry Connick, Jr., and Vince Guaraldi’s A Charlie Brown Christmas.

There’s a song I haven’t heard at all this Christmas; I’m not even sure of its title. It’s about a man on a train at Christmas and he hears a woman crying on the train. I can’t remember all of the details, but the song is narrated instead of sung and there are bells in the background. If you know the title or artist, please leave it in comments for me.

What are your favorite Christmas carols?

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