istock_000001885633xsmall.jpgRecently I’ve been thinking a lot about Pride and Prejudice, but it hasn’t been available the library. I finally checked out the book on CD thinking I would listen while I design, but apparently I’m unable to concentrate fully on two things at once. It just didn’t work. I’ve been listening in the car and my two oldest daughters (7- and 10-years old) are hooked, too.

Years ago we rented the A & E mini-series with Colin Firth, not realizing it was 5 HOURS LONG. Once started, however, we were powerless to stop watching. It simply couldn’t be done. So we stayed up until a ridiculously late hour and finished it.

Disc1 arrived in the mail from Netflix today, and I’m expecting disc 2 tomorrow. Sometime during this holiday weekend we will settle down to a P and P marathon, and I CAN’T WAIT!

Do you have any movie plans for the long weekend?

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