180px-macintosh_128k_transparency.pngI’m really hoping to replace my computer early next year. I understand that unexpected events, such as car repairs, could keep that from happening, but my fingers are crossed. Tight. I’m considering taking the plunge and switching from a PC to a Mac. I’m dating myself here, but my first computer was a Mac. The very first Mac (see photo on right). I picked it up out of the back of an Apple truck my freshman year of college. We had a hand-me-down PC after that, and purchased our last two computers: a Gateway, and then a Sony VAIO (my current computer).

I would love to hear feedback from Mac users, pros or cons, or anyone who’s made the switch. Does anyone use a Mac at work and a PC at home (or vice versa)? Any advice appreciated here. 🙂

Also, will my True Type fonts work on a Mac?  I have a lot of fonts.

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