My 5-year-old son has a stuffed animal, Puppy Dog, which is his most indispensable treasure. Puppy Dog lost an ear a few weeks ago, and then today his head was pulled halfway off of his neck, requiring a call to the paramedics, a.k.a. me and my sewing basket. Lily (my youngest daughter) sat in the floor at my feet, rummaging through the buttons and whatnots while I reinforced Puppy’s neck and reattached his ear.

I probably had said, “I love you, Lily” at some point – I’m sure I say it all the time – but she surprised me by saying, “I love you (pronounced “do”), Mommy” in her precious little voice. I know of no other words which hold such power to melt a mother’s heart, especially when spoken for the first time. My hands stopped as I looked at her and asked, “Can I have your kiss?” to which she replied, “‘kay,” stood, and lifted her face to plant a sweet, wet baby kiss on my lips. She continued saying, “I love you, Mommy,” as we worked (each in our own fashion).

The pay isn’t much, but the perks of motherhood are priceless.

For your enjoyment, Lily and the Drama Queen:






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