I’m excited to be a part of The Well Drained Mind, a new place for homeschooling moms. Here’s a little bit of the philosophy behind this group blog:

“This blog is about how to maintain a sense of self in this all encompassing life altering decision we have each made, for all manner of reasons, to homeschool. There are plenty of blogs out there devoted to being a Mom. There are plenty devoted to the challenges associated with homeschooling. But I think there are few where many voices can speak to how we can maintain and grow as individuals through this process. . .”

I enjoyed redesigning the blog, which has a yummy hot chocolate theme. Okay, so it’s coffee; I’m not a coffee drinker so I imagine it as a frothy hot chocolate. Homeschooling moms, stop by and visit: it’s a place for you!

[And no, this isn’t the big announcement. I’m quite shocked that no one has asked if I’m pregnant (I’m not), which is the usual response when I have an announcement to make!]

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