I’ve mentioned before what a drama queen my 7-year-old daughter is. On days when she is a little wired (like today), teaching her is a unique experience. Observe the following real conversations in our house this morning:

Drama Queen, proudly: Mommy I spelled purple-itioner!

When I looked at the dry erase board, it said “perpendicular.”

10 year-old-daughter: Mommy, how many bones are in your foot? [I taught the kids’ homeschool co-op human anatomy class in the fall.]
Me: I don’t remember, honey; there are several.

Drama Queen: Your bladder!

Me: She asked how many bones are in your foot.

Drama Queen: Oh–I thought she said butt! Your bladder looks like a strawberry.

This conversation was wrong on so many levels I can’t even begin to analyze it.

Anxious to finish schooling and get out into the fresh morning air, Drama Queen ran into the kitchen where I was teaching her brother.

Drama Queen: I finished phonics on the computer! I typed those letters and then the spaces and then the letters and then the spaces and then the letters.

Me: You mean sentences?

Drama Queen: Yeah–sentences!

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