Voting began yesterday for the Homeschool Blog Awards, and some of you may be visiting here while checking out the nominees. This little corner of the blogosphere, My Home Sweet Home, was nominated for Best Blog Design.

Last summer I read a post describing how to fiddle with your template and add a custom header; I was hooked. In September I purchased two books – one on Photoshop and one on Dreamweaver – and began learning and experimenting in earnest. This is my fifth template and represents an effort to create a non-seasonal, long-term design. I think my “diary girl” represents me fairly well: the same flippy hair-do (although hers is much nicer than mine); the blue eyes (I changed hers from brown based on a friend’s recommendation). She’s even got St. Basil’s Cathedral in one of her pictures, which is appropriate since I was a Russian major in college!

Now for a little shameless self-promotion:

To vote for this blog in the Best Blog Design category, visit this page and click the circle next to My Home Sweet Home (bottom half of the list) then be sure to hit the “Vote” button at the bottom of the list or your selection won’t count. For voting in all categories, go here and select each category to see the list of nominees.

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