MomRN2 at My Quiet Corner is asking a series of questions for feedback this week during the blog party. Here are her latest questions and my answers:

How do you define blogging? If you were to describe it to another person, what is it for you personally? Do you have specific goals or a purpose with your blogging? If so, would you mind sharing?

First, blogging is my personal journal, a memory-keeper for myself and my family. My mother passed away three years ago this month. After she was gone, I searched everywhere for cards, recipes, anything she had written. She would have been an amazing blogger! I like the idea of leaving something like this for my kids.

Second, I love the community of bloggers and the friends I’ve made. That was a totally unexpected perk of blogging, something I didn’t understand about it before I started.

Third, I loved writing in school; it’s something I miss. I find deep satisfaction in expressing my thoughts in writing.

Fourth, I feel like I’m keeping in touch with friends and family. I’ve discovered that friends that I didn’t even know were aware of the blog’s existence read it, if only occasionally.

What does blogging mean to you? Are there any of you who don’t blog but enjoy reading blogs?

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