I saw this over at Barb’s the other day and I thought I’d play. If you go to here, you can have your blog critiqued. Here’s my review:

I love blogs that are full of life and give you a warm feeling of family. Now this family is full of 8 children which makes it a little more of a full family, but I think big families are the best! I had a friend growing up who had 10 brothers and sisters, 2 cousins, and an uncle all living in the same house. I live in a little neighborhood, needless to say they had the biggest house there. As for this fantastic blog, you will find lots of family photos and stories about family and thoughts and ideas the blogger has. All that a blog should be. Only thing I didn’t notice was some kind of site counter…it’s nice to see how many people are stopping by your Home sweet home. Nice job and keep up the great work!

Just to set the record straight, I actually do have a sitemeter, it’s just not publicly viewable (I think it’s hidden under the navbar). I get way too much of a kick out of the google searches to eliminate it.

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