I have been thinking a lot about this since reading that Laurel Wreath was organizing New Year’s Meditations. Some of mine probably sound familiar to many of you: I want to lose about 8 pounds; I need to read my Bible more (and towards that end, I just ordered this after reading about it on my cousin’s blog); I need to exercise (I’ve actually done a workout video for 6 of the last 7 days, which is amazing for me).

Laurel Wreath asked, “When you look back December 2007 where would you like to be?” so that’s what I’ll try to answer now:

A lot of what’s on my heart concerns my family and my personal goals. I have written about the reading and hours that I’ve been putting into learning programs for web design. Some days are rewarding. Some days I am so frustrated or overwhelmed that I just want to walk away and never look at this computer again. I want this learning part of the journey to pass quickly. I don’t want my family to think I’m neglecting them or don’t have enough time for my domestic duties. Mostly, I want to help my family financially and take some stress off of my husband. He’s diabetic, and I worry about his health. A lot.

Also, I hope to make progress towards certification as a childbirth educator and labor doula. I just ordered this book, which is on my required reading list. I am quite blessed to have three friends whose births I can attend in April and May; however, I am really nervous about one of them. Two of them are experienced mothers. I think Crew Mom’s biggest fear is that I might try to talk her out of her epidural (just kidding, honey!). One, however, is a friend who is expecting her first child at age 41. I am absolutely thrilled for her: she and her husband have adopted 5 children in their 18 years of marriage and now she’s pregnant for the first time. She is reading and studying the process just like I did with my first pregnancy, and she wants that amazing unmedicated birth. I am praying the Lord will grant her a safe delivery and that her birth will be all that she desires, and that I’ll know how to help and support her to achieve that end. Also, I pray that she’ll have medical staff (please, give us a midwife!) who are receptive to her wishes and treat her like an individual, instead of plugging her into the standardized childbirth model common in hospitals today.

I have the concern common to most homeschooling mothers: are we accomplishing what we need to accomplish? This year I want my children to become better and more prolific readers, and my 15-year-old and I to make serious progress in his learning of Russian.

It’s hard to believe that Lily turned 18-months the week before Christmas. I have had little ones and babies for so long, but I know that won’t always be the case. Every step for her has been difficult for me: moving out of our room, weaning, etc. I really want to savor the moments with my little ones. At the same time, my oldest son at home only has 2 1/2 years of high school left, and I’ve seen once before how quickly that time can pass. I pray for guidance in equipping him for life beyond the nest.

I am hungry for time to just sit and read again, which is evidenced to me by the fact that I’ve gotten five new books in the past two weeks. I want my 2007 reading list to branch beyond web design.

I’ve been quite blessed in my decision to start this blog in May. I never imagined the friendships I would forge with ladies I’ve never met, or the strengthened bonds with friends and family who blog, too. Thanks to all of you ladies who’ve encouraged and inspired me in 2006. I look forward to deepening those friendships in the upcoming year, and I hope to use the opportunity to bless others when it’s presented to me.

If you would like to participate or read other posts, go here to the post on Laurel Wreath’s site.

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