Here is the follow-up to Part 1.

One of the first things we did was decorate cookies. We used sugar cookies and gingerbread men, and decorated them with icing, sprinkles, and colored sugar. It was messy but fun!

All of the little girls had such a good time at the tea! You could tell they felt very grown up with their cups and saucers, eating their little finger sandwiches – so sweet! Some dressed up, but brought play clothes, too.

Look at this cute little “tea for one” set: it has the cup on bottom and the teapot on top.

We put ten candles in the cake, and after they were blown out we put in seven and did it again!

After the eating, cake, and presents, everyone went outside to play in the beautiful 70 degree weather. Who could have guessed we would have that for our December party? We have a large Little Tykes playset beside the house, which we were amazed to see in the front yard. Apparently it took four little girls to push it around the house. [I need to go move it before the homeowners’ association Nazis drive through the neighborhood this week. Apparently children playing happily on play equipment in their front yards is detrimental to property values – at least in our neighborhood. {meow} ]I was greatly assisted by the other moms; I expected no less from such a fine group of friends. I think the party was a big success. The most important thing to me was not disappointing my girls, and they had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing this big event with us!

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