Welcome to my home as part of BooMama’s Christmas Tour of Homes!

This is part of a Christmas village my in-laws gave us many years ago. I think this is where any similarity to the North Pole ends – we’re expecting 68 degrees tomorrow!This cute little count-down Santa has been part of the family for many years.

There’s a daily race to see who will update him – today he’s mine!

Here’s the tree…and the new ornament I got at my church sisters’ ornament exchange/Christmas party!

The house smells like cinnamon because I’ve been baking snickerdoodles. Won’t you try one?

We have a true Southern wreath, decked with magnolia blossoms. I saw a pricey one like this years ago at T.J. Maxx and decided to try it myself, which was one of my extremely rare forays into the world of crafts. Before we moved, the heat in our attic would bake the flowers every summer and I would make an annual trip to Hobby Lobby to replace them. I’m sure I could have bought that expensive wreath for what I’ve spent over the years replacing magnolia blossoms, but maybe the fancy ones would have baked, too.

My daughter picked up this quirky sunbathing Santa in his hammock this year. I think we’ll have the weather for him!

Our nativity scene is nothing special in the worldly sense – certainly not very fancy; but I like its simplicity and not having to be afraid for the kids to play with it.

Following are more pictures of our Christmas village, which I am afraid for the kids to touch – not that it hasn’t happened over the years. The elf who is supposed to be hanging a wreath on the side of the reindeer barn no longer has any arms, which means he isn’t even holding the wreath anymore. It’s in the box. Oh, well – I’d rather have eight kids than a perfect Christmas village (which is a really good thing since the village hasn’t been perfect for a long time). There used to be little flocked trees that lit up, too, but I’m not sure what happened to them.

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