No Cool Story has a Mr. Linky up for posting pictures of your CHRISTMAS tree ornaments (take that, politcally correct retailers – they’re not HOLIDAY ornaments). The first time I tried a Mr. Linky, I didn’t get any links and actually deleted the entire post.
It was one of my saddest bloggy moments. I asked the kids to show me some of their favorite ornaments. They thought it was way cool that I actually took pictures of them, and no one even said, “Please tell me this isn’t for The Blog!”
(They just didn’t think of it, bless their hearts.)

Please Barb, don’t be offended by the white wires on my icicle lights. We had TONS of these lights that we hung on the outside of our old house. We had three levels of decks and they were all decked out with lights every year (pun intended). I’m just way too frugal to go buy new ones with green wires for the tree when we have so many of these.

I like this little guy, not that we ever really get much snow (although hubby says the almanac predicts it this year). I’m attending a Christmas party/ornament swap with my church sisters Saturday night and I hope to return with an awesome new addition for the tree!

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