Saturday morning my husband, Lily, and I rode 750 miles with my mother-in-law to pick up two cars and drive them back home with us on Sunday. Saturday was a sweet set-up for me: I brought a bed tray (with legs, like you’d use for eating breakfast in bed) which I used as a portable desk for a laptop and mouse. It was a sunny day; I had some good study time with my web design book; and basically Lily and I sat in the back seat and did our own thing (I studied, she ate Fruity Cheerios).

The way home yesterday was a whole different story: Lily and I were in one car and my husband in the other; it rained the first two hours of the trip; it was a struggle just to stay awake without adult conversation and the ability to switch drivers. Fourteen hours in the car is a lot of time to mull over things you see and hear along the way, such as:

  • What happened to Marathon candy bars? They were one of the all-time greatest candy bars, including an awesome ad campaign. Follow this link for the story, which includes a link to let M&M/Mars know if you would like to see a Marathon comeback. I also discovered that Marathon John was Patrick Wayne, John Wayne’s son.
  • What messed-up marketing directors decided that energy drinks should be Goth and creepy looking? Even while desperately trying to stay awake on our trip, I wouldn’t buy any of that stuff.
  • According to the billboards, Tupelo, Mississippi, is “the PLACE to GO.” Elvis would be so proud.
  • What kind of lives do the owners and employees of “adult superstores” (not to be confused with baby superstores) live? Are there modern-day leper colonies for these people? Owing to the depravity of man, I’m assuming these are fairly financially-successful businesses. I just can’t imagine telling your neighbors that your family owns the local “adult superstore.” I could make a speculation regarding the apparent need to print the signs for these “establishments” in humongous print, but I might endanger my good standing in the Family-Friendly Blogroll.
  • I can listen to George Strait sing “Run” over and over on the For the Last Time: Live from the Astrodome CD.
  • There are neighboring towns in Alabama called Guin, Gu-win, and Brilliant.

Home Sweet Home trivia question:

What state am I in if I see signs for “Toad Suck Park”?

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