Since September, the children in grades 1-8 in our homeschool co-op have been studying human anatomy, ballroom dance, etiquette, and sign language. With the exception of anatomy, these classes have been geared to culminate in a cotillion, which was held last Thursday morning. Chairs were arranged beyond the dance area for invited guests. My mother-in-law, our retired neighbors, and my husband were able to attend. I can say, without a doubt, that this was one of the highlights of our thirteen years of homeschooling.

The mothers were determined that the kids get the full experience, including a six-course meal. We didn’t want to risk breaking our good china in transport, so eventually we decided to rent china, crystal, linens, and silverware, which came in special carrying cases. Amazingly, we only had one broken water goblet and one missing napkin.

This turned out to be a very emotional experience for the mothers! One mom said she felt like her son was getting married. I cried when the 4th-8th grade kids performed Nicol Sponberg’s Resurrection” in sign-language; it was very moving.

The mothers dressed in black pants with white shirts and served the meal. I mentally chanted “serve from the left, clear from the right” until I felt like I could get a job at a local restaurant. I have a new respect for everything a server’s job entails. Refilling glasses and clearing plates sure keeps you on your toes!

Although Clayton wasn’t old enought to participate in the cotillion itself, he was one of the children in the pre-K/kindergarten class who performed in sign-language during the program.I am going to publish a series of posts for each of my children who participated.

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