One of the most entertaining things about a sitemeter is seeing the Google searches that lead random visitors to your blog. Here are some of mine:

  • monster pierced with arrows by charles le brun
  • severely chapped hands
  • furr’s apple dumplings
  • Homeschool + Softball + Nationals
  • gary albero (this was my 9/11 victim tribute post)
  • jupiter striking down the titans discussion
  • hershey’s amazing fruit gummy bears
  • amazing fruit gummy bears (yes, these were 2 separate searches within 24 hours – I’m not the only one looking for them)
  • Recipes of thick crust Hawaiian pizza
  • free you are invited to my housewarming cards
  • old home sweet home sampler clipart
  • mommie dearest set
  • wassail can frozen orange juice gallon apple cider -pineapple can frozen lemonade 12 cloves “holiday wassail”
  • ” bed tray with legs “
  • the futile pursuit of happiness
  • birthday bygone years sweets hamper
  • ‘home sweet home’ restaurant dancing

There are some really interesting ones in there, huh? I think my most consistent source of visitors comes from a comment I left on the Large Family Logistics blog about posting a picture of their Dutch Puff recipe. I get weekly – if not daily – hits from that, which I never would have imagined.

Do you have any interesting referral stories?

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