Bryan and I went to see Facing the Giants on our anniversary Wednesday night. The night before, I was in line at Chick-fil-a and the manager, a dad in our music program, was saying it was one of the best movies he’d ever seen. He told a group of teens to go see it, and if they didn’t like it to come back and he’d pay for their tickets. He said, “Whatever you’re doing tomorrow night, cancel it and go see this movie.”I was disappointed at first because the film quality and acting were mediocre; however, what the movie lacks in polish, it compensates for in sincerity. It was filmed in Albany, GA, and appears to have been very much a community effort. My impression was not that some Hollywood types sat down and said, “Let’s see if we can make a movie that the Christians will pay to see,” but real people made a movie that they believed in.

I thought it was interesting that the movie received a PG rating “for some thematic elements” – in other words, it was a little too evangelical for the ratings board. What this movie gives you is a look at the transformation that occurs in a man who hits rock bottom and then looks up – way up – and dedicates his life and the high school football team he coaches to God’s glory. I cried off and on all through it.

We’ll be at a big church meeting all weekend. The kids are so excited – they’ve been asking if they can get dressed all day. I love big church meetings, even though I know I’ll have a bad case of PAMS next week (Amber, you introduced me to that acronym). My cousin Lynn also put up a nice post this week about singing. I can’t wait for tonight – there’s nothing like Friday night at an annual meeting, when everyone is fresh and fired up for some good preaching. I’m also looking forward to spending the weekend with my dearest friends, my church sisters. Have a blessed weekend!

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