I posted in a Thursday Thirteen that I can’t do without my Bissell Steam cleaner. What I didn’t realize, is that my life is turning into “I can’t do without my Bissell Steam Cleaner on a daily basis.” My aunt called me a couple of weeks ago and asked if she could hire me to steam clean her carpets. Her last carpet cleaning experience was so bad that she contacted the Better Business Bureau, and she didn’t want a repeat experience. I went to her house the last two Sunday afternoons after church. We had nice visits, and I drank lots of Coke and cleaned the carpet.

Yesterday morning Felicity got sick after breakfast (poor thing!), and I spent my morning steam cleaning our bedroom carpet and my nursing glider/rocker. She slept most of the day, and I thought it was over. This afternoon she was sitting on my lap in front of the computer and threw up all over her, me, the carpet, desk, curtains, . . .everything! Once again, I’ve spent a chunk of my day cleaning carpet (and even curtains).

I’ve got some personal projects in the works, which I have to squeeze into what little time is available. My last two posts were written on my husband’s laptop while driving to church. I told Bryan recently that I would love to take one of those “professional development” days that public school teachers get. I honestly don’t know what they do, but it sounds like a good time to go to a seminar or workshop, get continuing education credits, or just sit around with other teachers and discuss teaching strategies. I would spend a guilt-free day educating me, not the other people running around my house.

It has occurred to me that my “professional development” seems to fall under the category of carpet cleaning. After all, I’ve now been paid to steam clean carpets, which makes me a professional, doesn’t it? *Sigh* I think maybe I’m losing it…

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