Thirteen Things I Can’t Do Without

1. My boyfriend. Yes, I’m happily married, but I have a four-year-old boyfriend. I just love it when he leans in and whispers, “I love you, Mama!”
2. My Bissell Steam Cleaner. Do you know what happens when your dog gets into chocolate in the Easter baskets (after not learning her lesson from the Halloween candy)? It isn’t pretty, and you’ll need a steam cleaner. By the way, dogs and chocolate are not, well, compatible… (let’s just leave it at that).
3. Gummy Bears!
4. Ladies’ Nights Out with my church sisters – the BEST (both them and the nights out)!
5. Baby snuggles. Can anything be better than a sleeping baby snuggled against your chest? I think not.
6. DSL. I might even sacrifice the gummy bears to keep the DSL, but I hope it never comes to that.
7. My digital camera.
8. My blog – I’m addicted!
9. My Bloglines account. I was so excited this morning to see that most of my good buddies had blogged something new for me to read (Michelle, Trina, where are you? Trina’s only, well, buying a house this week, so Michelle I guess that leaves you – get with it, girl!)
10. My family. My aunt told me this morning that my grandmother isn’t expected to make it through the week. It’s one of those situations where it will really be a blessing for her to pass on; even though the circumstances will be sad, it will be a joy to spend time with my family.
11. My pastor, my church, and my Lord. Although I can’t imagine my pastor reading my blog (he really has much more important things to do), he took the time to call me yesterday and talk about a blog discussion I’ve read and had questions concerning. How cool is that?
12. “Popcorn and Cereal” Sunday nights. This has been our Sunday night menu for the past few months. We usually eat a big meal at lunch, and this gives me a break from cooking. The kids LOVE it!
13. My hubby’s patience. I don’t think I’m a particularly easy woman to live with. I keep the clothes clean, but seldom ironed; supper is almost always late, my honey-do list is usually ridiculously long; I’m obsessed with learning new things on the computer, which can be time consuming; I’m in my own little world much of the time. I love you, Bun! (One day I’m going to manage to get him to post a comment.)

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