I’ve got some serious blogging to do when I settle back in from being gone last week for my grandmother’s funeral. For now, I want to share some pictures from our trip. Some dear friends, Jo and Dempsey, of my cousin Blake’s are raising a fawn. Dempsey accidentally clipped it with a lawn mower in late June when it was very small (this is out in the country, where you can accidentally hit a deer while mowing!). They took it to a vet and its little leg was put in a cast. The cast has been removed, but they’re still raising this cute little fella, feeding him a mixture of goat’s milk, baby cereal, and fresh fruit. Here Lily and I are feeding him a piece of cantaloupe. He and Lily were quite fascinated with each other. Although Jo and Dempsey are prepared for it, I know they’re going to be devastated when their baby is ready to return to the wild. My cousin, Laura, and I took an unbelievable number of pictures of Lily in her car seat. Since she put in over 1600 miles on the road last week, that’s a lot of car seat time. This is a picture of Lily with her new buddy, Kissed, a present from Laura. They say you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs…
This picture is of my sister, Jamie, Daddy, and me.
It may be odd to include a picture of my grandmother’s casket, but I thought it was so beautiful. She loved pink – even had pink carpet in her living room when I was a kid – so she would have loved those flowers.

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