My grandmother passed away this morning. I am so thankful we went to see her on Tuesday. There will be a visitation here on Monday evening, then she will be flown 750 miles away to our home state on Tuesday, where her funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon. I am strongly considering hitching a ride with my dad or aunt and cousin, taking Lily, and making the trip for the funeral. The other kids will stay here; between Bryan, Keith (dear friend who volunteered to help, but doesn’t know I may take him up on it), and our retired neighbors, things should run pretty smoothly in my absence. I think. It seems that when a really big situation like this occurs, kids tend to “rise above themselves” and I could even come home to a house in better condition than when I left. Or not. Either way, I think I’m going. I’m not sure if I’ll have much chance to check my email and my bloglines this week. Hopefully I’ll be able to before leaving.

Please say a little prayer for my six-year-old. She has a purple Puffalump, Kitty Cat, which was a present on her second birthday. She is extremely attached to Kitty Cat (actually this is Pretty Kitty, Kitty Cat’s “sister,” but that’s another story), and we’ve been unable to find her for about five days. Tonight she finally started crying at bedtime, which is when she really wants Kitty. I’m thinking Grandmother’s passing made it worse. It’s really not going to help if I leave town and we still can’t find it.

Blessings to all.

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